One of the hardest parts about adopting a vegan lifestyle is that this way of living extends beyond diet – the items that many of us love are either tested on or made from animals.

Giving up leather shoes was one of the more difficult parts of the non-food vegan transition for me. I loved the way that these shoes would seemingly last forever, looking even better with age.

Luckily science and industry are working hard to find ways to appeal to those who want a more compassionate world: enter, leather made from grapes. And not just whole grapes, but grape waste products that come from wine-making!

Wine, that wonderfully smooth and versatile of the alcoholic beverages, is processed in such a way that there are tons of grape byproduct waste, such as the stems and skins of the grapes. This waste is unfortunately customarily burned or sent to dumps, leading to increased greenhouse gasses and land waste.

The H&M Foundation, a non-profit extension of the global clothing store, is investing in innovative scientific advances in fashion that can help to reduce their footprint.

So when will you be able to purchase purses and boots made of grape leather? It is sooner than you might think! This product is set to launch in Milan this October, so keep a look out for future products made out of a more sustainable, animal-friendly leather substitute.

Soon you will be able to drink wine, save animals, and help the environment all at the same time!